BigQuery: how to update tables using views and Google Apps Scripts.

June 21, 2019

An article by Sergey Matrosov

Let’s assume you have a big table with raw data, for example, from Google Analytics. You make a query for data processing and obtain a more informative table. The question is how to update it on a daily basis and append new data from the main table. You can obviously schedule a query via the “Schedule Query” menu if you’re using Standard SQL, but what if you query is using Legacy SQL?

First of all, save your query as a view. My advice is to name it the same as your table but adding “_SQL”: for example, table - “my_table”; view - “my_table_SQL”. This will order it near your table.

Next, you need to query the view using Google Scripts. Here is a little piece of code that uses the BigQuery API:

function UpdateMyTable() {

//put name of your project, where is your table, here
var projectId = 'you-project';

//put name of dataset, where is your table, here
var datasetId = 'you_dataset';

//setting destination table name
var tableId = 'you_table_name';
var job = {
configuration: {
query: {
//in parenthesis put your dataset name and view
query: 'SELECT * FROM [you_dataset.you_table_name_SQL]',

destinationTable: {
    projectId: projectId,
    datasetId: datasetId,
    tableId: tableId
writeDisposition: "WRITE_APPEND"

var queryResults = BigQuery.Jobs.insert(job, projectId);
var jobId = queryResults.jobReference.jobId;


Then just add the daily trigger to this function. Click “Current project’s triggers”:

Select the project's triggers

Then click the “Add Triger” button:

Add the trigger

And configure the trigger:

Configure the trigger